Book Publishing

Author’ is the Title Written on My Heart

The Beatles song “Paperback Writer” has always been one of my favorite tunes. Not only am I a huge fan of the Fab Four, but this song seemed to speak directly to my own hopes and dreams. Being a published writer has been my goal since childhood according to my Mama.

Bad Poetry, Harsh Critics, and Endless Imagination

The publishing industry is vast. Careers such as author, copyeditor, proofreader and publisher are just the beginning of the publishing job market. Printing, marketing, researcher, advertising, paper production, agents, binders, and journalists are also parts of the wide world of publishing. Every job is important and plays a key role in the final product.

My pride has taken beatings, but the stories in my soul must be told, nonetheless. Over the years, I learned to appreciate the many facets of the publishing industry, and while I will always have a novel in my heart, it’s been copywriting that has paid my bills. I may be able to build worlds in my head but putting food on the table isn’t as filling when it’s imaginary.

My Name on a Best-Sellers List or Bust

If I were to gather my middle school poems and try to publish them, the odds are, they wouldn’t be well received. Publishers are always on the lookout for the next poet laureate, but with the proliferation of literacy, the number of aspiring authors has reached previously unknown heights. Either I would have to perfect my craft and find a publisher to hire me or self-publish my work, a trend that is growing rapidly.

Delivering written content that is original and engaging is challenging, but I have dedicated myself to creating content that readers enjoy. As a voracious reader myself, I feel I owe it to my future readership to provide original intellectual content that is relatable. Plagiarism may seem like a victimless crime but to an author, it’s akin to stealing our thoughts and ideas.


Encyclopedic Entries and Works in Progress

As indicated earlier, one way to get your foot in the door of the publishing industry is by becoming a copywriter. This position has the benefit of being in demand in nearly every publishing company known to man. Editors, proofers, and fact checkers review and correct content for virtually every industry. From handbooks to leaflets to more in-depth content requiring special certifications like legal writing, there’s content that needs a writer.

Freelance authors, editors, and journalists are becoming more widely respected as the digital age allows for rapid transfer and verification of information. Never has the publishing industry been so accessible to up and coming authors. Contests, e-books, and audiobooks are great ways to introduce your work to the world.

Humans are communicative beings, and we have devoted thousands of years to recording our thoughts and information to share and grow as societies. Publishing is a literal gateway between an author’s vision and the world audience. One day, I hope to finish my novel and make that best-seller’s list too.